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How Do You Become a Pro Bass Fisherman

Pro Bass Fisherman Alton Jones Jr.

Get the low down dirty details on becoming a pro

Professional Bass Fishermen enjoy a life of chasing green fish in search for green dollars. No doubt, it’s one of the greatest dreams we can think of! Every kid with a rod and reel hopping ponds, reading Bassmaster Magazine and watching Bill Dance dreamed of chasing fish for a living. While most people lose the dream and the sizzle, others kept it front and center, figuring out the best way to become a pro.

How to Start Being a Pro Bass Fisherman

Where do you begin? What’s the actual process of becoming a pro fisherman? These questions allude us all, but we’ve compiled the best answers you can find! Below is a short bullet list of what’s required to be a professional bass angler!


What is the Best Bass Fishing Forecast Calendar for Solunar

How to find the bass fishing forecast for your lake

Fishing is usually a fun expedition especially if you end up getting the exact fish you wanted. However, fishing also requires skills especially if you’re angling for bass fish. Having a tool that can help you is therefore always welcome, and although there are many in the market, one of the best ones is the BassForecast app. It is specially designed for bass fishing and is available for both Android and iOS users. Using this app is easy, and it also has a high accuracy rate. What distinguishes this app from similar ones is the information it uses to provide the data you need. It not only focuses on the location, but it also works with water temperatures to help you identify the best area to catch bass.

Bass feeding and weather patterns

Like other types of fish, bass usually likes to feed more during warm weather. During the cold weather, they tend to come towards the surface of the water to follow any movement that they think is food. They also become slower in their movements and as such, will only go after what doesn’t move at high speed. During warm weather, they become more active and will go after anything regardless of how swift their movement is. This shows that the weather affects the feeding pattern of bass and can, therefore, be used to increase chances of catching a bass which is what this app does.

Fishing forecast Calendar app

The fishing forecast app was created between a collaboration of professional fishery biologists and the AccuWeather which also helps the app acquire more information regarding the weather conditions. This means that it uses water temperature and air temperatures, changes in pressure and “solunar” information to give you the guidance you need. Since all of these affect the feeding pattern of bass fish, their combination ensures that you’re directed to the best spot which enhances chances of fishing success.

The BassForecast Fishing Calendar is ideal for both experienced and novice fishermen. The fact that it is easy to install and use when combined with the fact that it has different versions for different operating systems also makes it great. BassForecast is an app that will change your fishing expeditions and make it better and more enjoyable. The algorithms used in the app have been tested and proven which means they can never misguide you. The BassForecast rating, also known BFR, will, therefore, show you the location of the bass by using their feeding patterns which are often influenced by the factors mentioned earlier.

How it works

To use it, you have to first download the correct version for your phone depending on whether you’re using an android and iOS gadget. If you’re using the former, you can get the app from Google play store, but if it’s the latter, you can get it in the apple store. After a successful installation, you can choose to log in to the website using your social media credentials or skip the process and head to the app. You will then be given a tutorial that will help you start planning your trip 10 days before the due date.


This fishing forecast app comes with many features that not only make it enjoyable to use but also dramatically increases your chances of getting that largemouth bass fish. One of those features is the BFR which predicts the duration of the best for bass fishing. It can predict the best day and time you will catch bass for up to 10 days. The BFR works with AccuWeather which also counts as another feature. It provides readings about the direction the wind is flowing, chances of rain falling, the speed of the wind and the pressure. All these are also given 10 days in advance.

A screenshot of the BassForecast tips section

Other features include a calendar which you can use to create a schedule for trips you want to take in future basing the timing on the phases of the moon such as the new moon and full moon as well as a tracker that helps you monitor the best fishing locations. The fishing app also has a catch log which you can use to keep pictures of any fish you catch and also store other data relating to the trip such as the water type. These can help you learn where you made mistakes and as such, make improvements the next time you decide to go fishing again. In addition to all this, the app comes with solunar information that covers both the moon and the sun. This can help you determine the durations when the bass feeds majorly or when the feeding is minor.

Advantages of using the app

Although it doesn’t guarantee success in making a catch, most of the people who have used this app have reported that it helped them achieve their goal. This shows that it has a higher success rate compared to other apps like it, which is one of the advantages of using it. Another advantage is that you get to try it first before spending any money on it. This gives you an opportunity to leave it should you decide that it doesn’t work for you. If you opt to buy the premium version, you will get access to more features that will change your fishing trips.

Compatibility with multiple devices is another reason why using this app is a good idea. You can subscribe to the premium option and use the app on other devices in addition to the one you used to subscribe. This means that you can use your computer to subscribe but still use the app on your mobile phones. The subscriptions are easy to manage, providing you with several options including automatic renewal or stopping the subscription.

Since the app was created by someone who loves fishing, it is ideal for those who love fishing but aren’t good at it. It is also great for both sports fishing or fishing for sustenance. Although it can provide information up to 10 days, you can still use it before the 10 days arrive.


The BassForecast is the best fishing forecast tools you can have especially on your first fishing trip. However, to further increase your chances of catching a fish, you need to carry the right bait and equipment that will not only help you to stay comfortable during the entire time but also entice the fish. BassForecast will point you in the right direction, but you have to be ready to use your skills as well.


Vexus Boats Fiberglass REVEALED! Full Interior Walkthrough

Vexus Boats unveiled the Vexus VX Series of Fiberglass boats – the new FLAGSHIP of the company at the 2019 Bassmaster Classic in Knoxville, TN! We have combed through all the footage we can find, but this one might be our favorite! Very good work from @Freedom Fishing Network – a relatively new team on the fishing scene!

The Future of Bass Fishing

Sitting on the dock with a worm on a hook under a bobber.

Well, this isn’t your grandfather’s way of fishing anymore.

Fishing has evolved into a real sport. Professional tournament anglers must fish under any condition, rain, sleet, snow, sun or shine. Add in all the tackle that must be used and you have a huge puzzle.

Today, bass fishing is covered on television, tournaments are taking place every day and new tackle retailers are starting businesses all around the world.

Yes the future of Bass fishing looks pretty good.

There are shows on right now about bass fishing.

ESPN, Versus, FSN and the outdoor channel are some popular channels that host Bass fishing shows. Television is easy access to great fishing information and will allow non fisherman a chance to experience it and then might even interest them enough that they go out and give it a shot. The internet is another great resource to find information on Bass Fishing.

The internet is very popular with today’s youth, so they can get information quite easily.

Every day, there are tournaments taking place.

More and more of them nation wide are being organized.

New fishing organizations such as B.A.S.S. and F.L.W. formats are being founded everyday.

Tournaments bring people to certain lakes and allows locals to watch them and learn more about bass fishing.

B.A.S.S., which is the largest fishing organization in the world today are also one of the largest conservation groups in the world, seeking out to make sure that Bass fishing will be great not only today, but for the years to come.

B.A.S.S. preach the art of practice and release. With so many of the anglers today releasing all their fish, the fish population will continue to grow.

There are tackle shops and retailers all over the country and are still being built. Finding lures and tackle is becoming very easy and will allow anglers to shop quickly and get on the water faster. With all of these elements put together, not only the fishing should be great for years to come, but also kids and other non fisherman will become part of the bass fishing world.