The Future of Bass Fishing

Sitting on the dock with a worm on a hook under a bobber.

Well, this isn’t your grandfather’s way of fishing anymore.

Fishing has evolved into a real sport. Professional tournament anglers must fish under any condition, rain, sleet, snow, sun or shine. Add in all the tackle that must be used and you have a huge puzzle.

Today, bass fishing is covered on television, tournaments are taking place every day and new tackle retailers are starting businesses all around the world.

Yes the future of Bass fishing looks pretty good.

There are shows on right now about bass fishing.

ESPN, Versus, FSN and the outdoor channel are some popular channels that host Bass fishing shows. Television is easy access to great fishing information and will allow non fisherman a chance to experience it and then might even interest them enough that they go out and give it a shot. The internet is another great resource to find information on Bass Fishing.

The internet is very popular with today’s youth, so they can get information quite easily.

Every day, there are tournaments taking place.

More and more of them nation wide are being organized.

New fishing organizations such as B.A.S.S. and F.L.W. formats are being founded everyday.

Tournaments bring people to certain lakes and allows locals to watch them and learn more about bass fishing.

B.A.S.S., which is the largest fishing organization in the world today are also one of the largest conservation groups in the world, seeking out to make sure that Bass fishing will be great not only today, but for the years to come.

B.A.S.S. preach the art of practice and release. With so many of the anglers today releasing all their fish, the fish population will continue to grow.

There are tackle shops and retailers all over the country and are still being built. Finding lures and tackle is becoming very easy and will allow anglers to shop quickly and get on the water faster. With all of these elements put together, not only the fishing should be great for years to come, but also kids and other non fisherman will become part of the bass fishing world.

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