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Feeding times depend on water color and light conditions

Ideal times are early in the morning or late in the evening the bass are on the feed.
In major slow periods the bass will feed for a short period of time. Another condition that causes bass to feed quite often is the weather change, such as a barometric drop or an approaching storm or possibly some cloud cover which moved in- all of which affect atmospheric pressure and temperature.
Another thing that could influence bass to feed would be a warming trend after a cold front.
There are several reasons bass feed. Feeding bass are the easiest to catch. You can catch them on almost any lure in your tackle box, because basically all lures at one time or other will catch feeding fish.
With clear water conditions bass normally feed most intensely during early morning, late afternoon and at night, but they will feed all day when there is heavy cloud cover.

On clear days and in stained-to-muddy water bass tend to feed in the middle of the day (from mid-morning until mid-afternoon). When the water is muddy very little feeding takes place in early morning, late afternoon, or at night. With cloudy days and muddy water, almost all feeding occurs at mid-afternoon.
(Please note: these periods are when bass actively feed.)

A bass is a predator and it will eat anytime a tasty morsel is put before it.
When and under what conditions bass feed, and when and under what conditions you might catch a bass, are two entirely different propositions!

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