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Dead Sticking

Deadsticking Basics

Not talked about very much and a very little used and little known bass fishing tactic is DeadSticking.
Dead sticking, in short, is casting out a lure, generally a soft plastic, and letting it sit. I don't mean letting it sit for a few seconds...when you are using this style, it is sometimes a good idea to let your bait sit for up to a several minutes.
I use a 5 inch Jogger worm (color depends on situation) with a 2/0 Gamakatsu worm hook. Rig this Texas style with the hook point barely buried in the worm body to make this rig weedless, since it may be sitting in or on top of weeds for extended period of time.
Start by casting your worm out (weight is optional, but I prefer it weightless) and letting it sink to the bottom. I start by reeling in most of my slack and giving a VERY light twitch. A low stretch line is ideal, so you can get the best reaction from your jigging, feel the fish, and get a good hookset.

After the intitial twitch, let the worm settle back to the bottom. How long your bait should sit on the bottom depends on the mood of the fish, but to begin, I usually let it sit for about thirty seconds. Watch your line sitting on top of the water, because the slightest twitch, or slack in your line can indicate a fish. Continue giving light twitches and allowing your worm to sit on the bottom for varied lengths of time. As I mentioned, keeping a close watch on your line is important.
This next paragraph is in contrary to what I have mentioned several times thoughout this website.
When you see your line twitch or go slack, raise your rod tip up. If you feel resistance, which will often feel like a tapping on your rod, DON'T set the hook. The tapping is the fish sucking your offering in. If you don't wait to set the hook, you will lose plenty of fish with this method.
Reel in your slack as you lower your rod tip, allowing the fish to fully take your bait. Raise your rod tip back up until you feel the tapping or resistance again, and with a sharp upward jerk, set the hook hard.
This method has produced countless bass, large and small but the bottom line is it works!
Try this method when the fish won't take your normal offering, and you WILL catch fish. You can also dead stick with tubebaits and many other different lures, but a cigar style plastic worm is my overall favorite, similar to a "Luck "E" Strike" Jogger worm.

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