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The basics of fishing clear water

A few years ago a friend decided to learn how to fish clear water. He hired a guide,to teach him.
The guides advice was, "The best way to learn how to fish deep in clear water is to fish at night, using a black-light and fluorescent line."
"There are two keys to successful deep-water fishing."

Key one: watch for line movement. Key two: sense what is happening to the bait.
At night 6-pound test fluorescent line looks like a rope when viewed with a black-light.
Watch the line while feeling everything that is going on with your hands. A line that goes slack or twitches on the fall may be the only signal of a bite.
A slight variation in the feel or rhythm of the bait can also mean a bite.

Next, and still at night, and still using fluorescent line and a night-light, fishing with spinnerbaits, crankbaits and Texas-rigged worms. He taught him to feel the rhythm of a deep, slow-rolling spinnerbait and a deep running crankbait.

Often baits can be inhaled, then exhaled with the only indication being a momentary interruption of rhythm.
And when fishing on the bottom with plastic, the bite will either be a heavy feel or line movement. Seldom do you actually feel a fish.

The trick is to mentally visualize what the bait is doing and set the hook when something is different.
Try to sense the feeling of "I just hung up on a dish-rag feel."

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